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Guess I should add a blog that will go mostly unread.
I am a 'Blog Retard', but that's okay, really. Why be a master of everything when you can excel at one thing? That one thing actually escapes me but hopefully- I will discover it somewhere between here and Eternity. I am a master of mediation, most people only get along when they get what they want from one another...over time the discovery that people are actually individuals really upsets a lot of folks, how dare they tread where nobody expected? Music is one such medium for default, the old coinage 'Don't expect and you won't be disappointed' comes to mind. How to not expect...good luck! I don't do it every time but am very blessed with the curse of helping others see the sameness and purity in their differences.
I think I am better at coping with different cultural aberrations than most, I don't look much like the culture I feel most at home with, in trying so much to keep up with the 'Jones', true rebellion comes in just being, regardless of what status quo screams so fervently through the microphone. Let it scream about whatever it likes, it has become more common than rocks in a stream, each unique and each in the same stream that ultimately draws their grains to the main stream and spreads it however the sands fall upon the way to the end of no ends. Just like the construed myriad colors of stone within the spectrum society weaves. However small all is connected to the same medium from which it broke away from. This stone we are all a chip off.
What we share in common far outweighs our differences, have some peace in that truth. That tip of the iceberg hasn't even been found, our entire existence is but a molecule in that first crystal of ice. Be who you are and realize the madness around you is only a symptom of a tidal wave that has just tasted the momentum of a breeze that proceeds the hypercane. Look into the sky and smell the electricity of the dream of life searing your senses as the stars that have long died shed their life into what You imagine. You and they are not so different. Coalesce. Find that commonness, just look at the word that so much resembles a chain or bolts in a foundation, it is a powerful word.
Coalesce, be angry, be subtle, be vulnerable, make a difference, be. Just quit judging those who are different, only those who are cruel. They want to be judged so they can react in hatred, let them react and watch the sands fall in the hourglass...the time will run out. Infinity is all about communion, but there will always be shards of broken rock left out to dry in the desert of friction, but over time even that will erode into whatever it derived itself from and become what it has been all along, light.

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