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I saw the threads for bassists and guitarists and figured this needed to be done.

Here's mine:

1. Chris Pennie
2. Riley Breckenridge
3. Josh Skibar
4. Mike Portnoy
5. Niel Pert
6. ?uestlove
7. Adam Carson
8. Micheal "Moose" Thomas
9. Max Weinberg
10. Joey Jordison

It's so hard to decide!

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1-10. Josh Freese
Josh Freese! Of course! How could I forget him? I love his solo on "The Show Must Go Off" live Vandals DVD.
He's good stuff, I'm mostly impressed by the fact that he has performed and/or recorded with almost every and I've ever heard of and is on over 300 records or something like that. What a manimal.
1. John Bonham
2. Mike Portnoy
3. Mike Mangini
4. Marco Minneman
5. Neil Pert
6. Mitch Mitchell
7. Ginger Baker
8. Derek Roddy
9. Virgil Donoti
10.Tommy Aldridge
UUhhhhhh..... there already is a top ten drummers? LOOK UNDER Musician Classifieds
It makes it easier to find things if it's posted in the right section.
Right sections are over rated. I'm not really sure why it never got moved to the right place....
Here is my list for 10 top drummers 1. Gene Krupa 2.Buddy Rich 3.Ginger Baker. 4.Rick Lee 5.Mitch Mitchell 6.Ian Pace 7.John Bohham 8. Mel Taylor 9. Leon Taylor. 10.Frank Brerd.

There are so many great drummers that this list could go on and on.
I'm sorry I never looked over in Classifieds. I figured it would be over here.

Like I said though, it was so hard to pick just ten. Josh Freese and John Bonham would bring my list up to a top 12.
I'm glad people are saying Mitch Mitchell on here. No one was mentioning him on the other list!


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