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Does anyone know about open mic nights anywhere? Post any venues you know about or any info you might have about open mic nights and we can try to get some sort of official list going.

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Every Sunday & Monday nights at the smokeless Haufbrau in Bozeman. Sunday is geared more towards singer/songwriter and/or solo performances and is hosted by Tex Tucker. Monday caters more to bands (with drums and all). Bring your own gear. And make sure to call early to get on the list.
Good start! I'm starting to do some emailing and calling so we'll see what we can find out.
Hey this is the Buffalo Jump Speaking.... We have an Open MIC every wednesday..Jamel From Jamelution helps host and it is one heck of a jam session.
Everyone is invited so come out and play litterally...Starts at 7 ish
So is this mostly geared towards acoustic/lighter fare?
ive never went but ive been told they do an open mike / stage at the rainbow bar in hamilton, on sundays?


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