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Hi folks,

If anyone is interested I'm looking for someone who can play drums for a bluesy rock band with a punk rock kind of attitude called Trigger Happy Ending. My goal is to find someone who can play straight forward and soulful blues drums as well as fast-paced rock & roll. We have 6 originals at the moment and are doing a few covers, mostly 70's style rock and roll, late 70's style punk rock, and a couple blues songs. Also need a bass/rhythm guitar player (need someone to switch with me on a couple tunes) but once I find the necessary pieces of the band we will be ready to practice for live shows. You can check out a few of our songs at or on my Montana Musicians page here. Thank you and I hope to hear for you!

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Anyone??? lol.

hey bud this is sean carr ( drummer) if your interested you can reach me at 406-593-0179 give me a call and we can talk about what you got going on and cheers!!!!

Sounds good man, I'll call you when I get a second today. Thanks for the reply!

I´m in the Czech Republic until mid December.   Would like to lend a hand with bass, guitar, or backing vocals.  I like your sound. 


Are you still looking?

I play bass and guitar.



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