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My buddy and I are wanting to start a SERIOUS metalcore/grindcore band. We just moved here from Cody, Wyoming, where we have been in several semi-touring bands. This is our life, and we go about it with that attitude. We have a vast array of influences from Atreyu, to Attack Attack! to As I Lay Dying. We are hoping to hook up with a couple guitar players, and a vocalist (or two) as well as a potential synth player. We are wanting mostly originals (with some fun remix/covers). We attribute our own flare to the styles, but we are huge fans of Melodic sounds, Breakdowns, and Clever Licks. Also, we have full touring gear pertaining to drums and bass, and vocals (P.A).

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Let's work something man.
Melodic dm
Or melodic deathbore.
Those are my best and favorite styles.

hey bro im lookin for some serious musicians to start a metalcore band with reply to this if your interested i love playing low tuned guitar songs and i love attack attack!

Hey Buddy, i'm definitely interested. Hit me up sometime. 307-272-9967

Still looking for a guitar player??? shoot me a text. 406-600-1446


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